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Phil Patterson and Joe Manuel of Manuel & Patterson Guitar Makers and Columbia Street Guitar Studio in Covington Louisiana, bring diverse musical backgrounds and a variety of skills to each and every custom guitar they build or repair and to every guitar lesson they teach. They understand musicians because they are both highly talented musicians themselves. They understand guitar design and repair because they have both spent years repairing and restoring vintage instruments. Joe Manuel and Phil Patterson understand the needs of their customers because they both worked for many years in the retail music business as sales managers, guitar repair techs and music instructors.

Joe Manuel and Phil Patterson of the Columbia Street Guitar Studio in Covington Louisiana understand the needs of guitar students as they both spent many years teaching guitar lessons and performing professionally.

Wether you sit down to design your custom built dream guitar, discuss repairing / restoring your guitar or to inquire about guitar lessons with these two friendly and knowledgeable guys, you can rest assured that they understand your wants, needs, and desires.

Manuel & Patterson Guitar Makers build custom acoustic instruments. They have set models as far as the body styles are concerned, but after that, everything can be customized. Manuel and Patterson Guitar Makers / Columbia Street Guitar Studio Covington Louisiana, specialize in custom 12-fret and 14-fret single 0, 00, and 000 body styles and also have built combinations with different scale lengths, body depths, bracing patterns, fretboard widths, neck shapes, and about anything else that the customer might desire. We spend a lot of time with each individual customer to help them get exactly what they are looking for in a custom guitar.

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